Burnout... and I'm leaving Heetch

31 Aug 2020 - 2 minute read

It has been a long journey, but my time at Heetch has come to an end.

In October 2019, I experienced a serious burnout that has kept me on sick leave since then. Looking back, there were various factors that contributed to my burnout.

However, I take full responsibility for ignoring the warning signs that my body was sending me. I dismissed symptoms such as pins and needles, tachycardia, and dizziness, telling myself that they were not serious. I pushed myself to keep going like this for several months until I had a scare that made me seek medical attention. My doctor put me on strong sedatives and recommended a lengthy recovery period.

As time passed, I realized that I couldn't see myself returning to Heetch. Therefore, during the summer of 2020, I decided to end my six-year journey with the company. As they say, all good things must come to an end! 🤞

What did I learn from this experience? Burnout is terrible, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. However, it was a wake-up call that helped me realize that I'm not invincible and that I need to listen to my body and be kind to it.

I also discovered that I've been dealing with generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) since my teenage years.

Finally, I understood that being different is okay and not something to be ashamed of. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with amazing people at Heetch over the years. I learned so much about myself, human relationships, and technical skills.

As for what's next, I'm still figuring things out. I need more time to recover fully, and I'll probably look for a not-too-stressful role. I feel that I'm still vulnerable and need to take things slow.

Thanks for reading!

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