What am I doing now?

Last update: May 3rd 2024

I'm currently living in Annecy, France, where I'm working remotely as Head of Engineering at Livestorm since January 2021.

Professional Focus:

  • Software Development: My team and I are deep into the breaking of a Ruby On Rails monolith into a fleet of microservices written in Go.

Personal Projects:

  • Expanding the family: We are expecting a baby girl in September 2024. 🥰
  • Reading: I've always had difficulties reading because of my TDAH, but I'm now forcing myself to read a little bit every day for at least 30 minutes. I aim to read one book per month. This practice is gradually becoming a rewarding part of my routine.

Health Fitness:

  • Exercise: Realizing the need to regain shape after a few inactive years, I've resolved to reintegrate regular physical activity into my life. I'm currently running 3 times a week to improve my health and stamina.

What's Next

2024 is going to be a year of significant changes, particularly with the upcoming arrival of our baby 🤗

Thanks for reading!

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